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 • Imam and speaker in the Association of Islamic Charitable Projects (A.I.C.P.)
• Imam in the Regional & Provincial Correctional Services in Canada.
• Acquired Islamic Studies degree from Global University in Beirut.
• Acquired Islamic knowledge under the grand Muhaddith Sheikh Abdullah al-Harariy, and his grand students.
• Paid allegiance to the Rifa^iy Tariqah, Naqshabandi Tariqah and Qadiri Tariqah.
• Acquired the Ijazah from al-Hafidh Shaykh Abdullah al-Harariy with all of his books.
• Author of “L’éducation Islamique” series (1 to 6) adopted by numerous Islamic institutions.
• Author of the book “al-Iqna^” in defense of the creed of Ahlus-Sunnah.
• Author of a large YouTube series of lectures reaching out to more than 60 million people.
• In charge of Islamic Educational Programs in USA & Canada.
• Keep on spreading Islam in 3 languages for over 17 years nationwide.
• Motivating thousands to become better Muslims.
• Many converted to Islam on his hands.
All Praise is due to Allah.