The Offspring of Noah’s Children

The Offspring of Noah’s Children The ark landed on Mount Al-Juddiyy. Prophet Noah and the believers with him went on land. Of those who went out of the ark, none had children except for Sam, Ham, and Yafith, the three had children and from them the humans spread: Arabs, Romans, Indians, Africans, and others. All people on Earth today are offspring of Noah’s three Muslim sons.    

Mount Al-Juddiyy

Mount Al-Juddiyy Allah, the Exalted, drowned all the humans who disbelieved Prophet Noah and remained worshipping the idols. Then the earth stopped its water from springing forth, and the sky held its water from falling down. After a while the earth became as dry as it was before the flood. The ark landed on a mountain near the city of Mawsil in Iraq. This mountain is called Al-Judiyy. Prophet Noah and the believers with him left the ark and came onto land.

Noah’s Ark

Noah’s Ark Allah revealed to Noah to build an Ark and also how do build it. Noah built the ark, and then he went on it. His three children who were believers boarded with him. Each one of them brought along his wife. Other believers who were not relatives to Prophet Noah boarded the ark also. Prophet Noah took on the ark a male and a female of each kind of animal. Allah ordered the Earth to spring up its water and the sky to bring down its water. The water of the sky and the water of the Earth joined. Water covered the whole earth. Only the ark and those on it survived the flooding of the water.

Prophet Noah, Part II

Prophet Noah, Part II For 950 years, our Master Noah moved among the people, calling to worship Allah only. Most of them mocked him, harmed him, and did not believe him. Only about 80 people believed in Prophet Noah and his message. Then Allah revealed to Noah that no one else among his people would believe. Noah made a supplication to Allah against the non-believers saying “Oh Allah, do not leave any of the blasphemers alive on Earth.”

Prophet Noah, Part I

Prophet Noah, Part I After blasphemy had spread on Earth, Allah sent a prophet named Noah. He called the people to Islam, to worship Allah only, and not to associate partners with him. The period between the time of Idris and the time of Prophet Noah was 1,000 years. Our master Noah moved among the people telling them, “Oh you people, leave out that which you worship other than Allah. Worship Allah only. Leave out worshipping those five statues and worship Allah only.” Our master Noah was the first messenger sent to blasphemers to call them to worship Allah only.

Apostasy and Blasphemy, Part II

Apostasy and Blasphemy, Part II Sometime after the death of Prophet Idris, ignorance spread amongst the people. There was no prophet living in that time. Iblis appeared to the people and told them to worship the 5 statues. Some of the people worshipped the statues, and as a result, they became blasphemers.

Apostasy and Blasphemy, Part I

Apostasy and Blasphemy, Part I   1000 years after Prophet Adam died, Iblis took on the shape of a man and appeared to the people. He suggested to them to make statues in remembrance of 5 pious men. Some people made these statues. After a long period of time, Iblis whispered to people to worship these statues. Some of these people did as Iblis suggested. They worshipped the statues. By this, they blasphemed.

The Cities of Idris

The Cities of Idris Idris was the first to teach his people the rules of city planning. Every group of the nation of the Prophet Idris built cities in their land. During the time of Prophet Idris, 88 cities were built. Prophet Idris was known for his wisdom. Patience, along with belief, leads to success.

The Call of Idris

The Call of Idris Idris called people to the religion of Allah, Islam. He called the people to save themselves from the torture in the hereafter by worshipping the creator and by doing good deeds in this world. It was said that during the time of Prophet Idris, 72 different languages were spoken. Allah created in him the knowledge of all these languages so he could teach each group of people in their own tongue.

The High Status of Prophet Idris

The High Status of Prophet Idris Prophet Idris and those who were with him stayed in Egypt. They called the people of Egypt to follow the rules of the religion, such as those of the acts of worship, dealing, and others. Our master Idris lived piously. Then he died. Allah endowed him with a high status. Allah said in Surat Maryam, Ayah 57 what means Allah raised him to a high status. Prophet Idris had good habits. He warned people against the torture of Allah, and encouraged them to work for paradise. Moreover, he called people to worship the one creator, Allah, as did all the prophets.

Prophet Idris in Egypt

Prophet Idris in Egypt Our master Idris left his hometown of Babylon with a group of Muslims. It was hard for them to leave their home. They asked Prophet Idris, “If we leave Babylon where will we find a similar place?” Prophet Idris answered, “If we immigrate for the sake of Allah, he will provide for us.” So the people went with prophet Idris until they reached their land of Egypt. They saw the Nile River. Our master Idris stood at its bank and praised Allah by saying, “Subhan Allah.”

Prophet Idris, Part II

Prophet Idris, Part II Idris was the third prophet. He came after Adam and Seth. 30 pamphlets were revealed to him. He was born in Babylon, a city in Iraq. Before he received the revelation, he followed the rules revealed to Prophet Seth. When Idris grew older Allah bestowed Prophethood upon him. During his lifetime all the people were Muslims. No one associated partners with Allah. Idris was also the first to write with a pen.

Prophet Idris, Part I

Prophet Idris, Part I Idris is one of the honorable messengers whom Allah mentioned in the Quran. Allah mentioned Prophet Idris in Surat Maryam, in ayahs 56-57. These ayahs teach us that Idris was a trustworthy prophet with a very high status. It is obligatory to believe in Idris. This means that it is an obligation to believe that he was a prophet and messenger of Allah. Idris was the son of Yarib, who was the son of Mahla’il. His lineage goes back to Seth, the son of Adam. Idris is one of the forefathers of Prophet Noah.

Prophet Seth

Prophet Seth Adam was a Muslim, as was Eve. They worshipped Allah, and did not worship other than him. Their children were also Muslims. After Adam died, Seth received the revelation of prophet hood. Prophet Seth was Adam’s son. All People were Muslim during Seth’s life. After Seth died, Idris was sent as a prophet. He lived many years teaching the people the religion of Islam.

The Offspring of Adam

The Offspring of Adam After Adam and his wife were brought down to earth, Angel Gabriel came down with a revelation to Adam. He became a prophet who called people to Islam. Adam lived for 1000 years. After his death, his offspring remained Muslim and did not worship other than Allah. They did not worship the sun or the moon or anything other than Allah. They remained Muslim for another 1000 years without committing blasphemy and without associating partners with Allah.

Adam is the First Prophet

Adam is the First Prophet Allah sent the messengers as a mercy for his slaves. Allah made it obligatory to believe in their message and obey them. So, it was an obligation on the people to obey the messenger of their time. Adam, peace be upon him, was the first prophet. Allah created in Adam the knowledge of languages. Adam did not have to study them. He spoke clearly without having to use signs. Allah created in Adam the knowledge of how to plant grains, such as wheat, how to make clothing, and how to make money from gold and silver.

The Creation of Eve

The Creation of Eve Allah created a wife for our Master Adam; her name was Eve. Allah created Eve from Adam’s shortest left rib. Adam and Eve had many children. Allah, the Exalted, said in Suratul-A^raf in Ayah 189 what means “Allah created you from one person, Adam. Then from Adam, Allah created Adam’s wife, Eve.”

The Creation of Adam, Peace be upon Him

The Creation of Adam, Peace be upon Him An angel took the soil he gathered into Paradise. Then angel mixed the soil with water from Paradise, until it became clay. Allah gave Adam his shape from that clay. After a period of time, the shape dried. The soul was blown into Adam, and he spoke. The first thing Adam said was “Praise be to Allah.” Allah, the Exalted, created the knowledge and the belief in Adam, as soon as the soul was blown into him. This is how Adam knew Allah was his Lord and the Creator of everything. He knew that his Lord is the Only One Who deserves to be worshipped. Allah also created in Adam the knowledge of the names of all things.

The Origin of Humans

The Origin of Humans Allah ordered an angel to gather a handful of every soil on earth: white, black, red, and yellow; soft, firm, good, bad, and in between. Since Adam was created from a mixture of all those different types of soil, his offspring differed. Among Adam’s offspring, you find different skin colors: white, black, yellow, and others. Also among them you find those who are Muslim and those who are blasphemers.